28/2/2014 GSL Ro32 - KTStats ZvP - 4Phoenix 3Immortal 10minute Push

Hey everyone, I am doing my personal analysis of games from the Korean scene and I decided I would write this one up for you, its my first time doing something like this so let me know if you find this helpful :)!

What we are looking at today is KTStats game from the GSL. He is playing against Samsung.Roro (one of the finest Zergs in Korea) and he is currently losing 0-1.

Map: Alterzim Stronghold

Strategy: 4 Phoenix into a +1 attack immortal push leaving at 10minutes.

Idea behind it: With a safe opening (remember he is playing from 0-1) - The plan is to get your stargate running which is very standard in the current meta game but add in a deadly twist and timing to surprise your opponent, who on a map this big, would not be expecting an attack approaching at 10 minutes mark.

Things to consider:

        1.        Phoenix must clear out the 2overlords which should be around your main/natural area, the time and location will be unknown depending on when he spawns.

        2.        Try and get as much damage with your Phoenix as possible, drones/queens/overlords and just generally slow him down

        3.        You do not need to scout with this build, phoenix will do that for you and remember you have a safe opening.

        4.        Advanced:Try move down natural ramp with a few zealots/sentries to complete your image that you would be looking to clear out lings in search to establishing your 3rd base.

Build Order:

9 Pylon (On ramp for future wall)
**As pylon completes you want the standard 2x Chrono into Nexus
16 Nexus
17 Forge (In wall from original pylon)

18 Pylon (Around nexus)
18 Gateway/18Cannon

**As pylon finishes - Chrono Nexus

20 Double gas 
**Chrono into Nexus
**Chrono into 2nd Nexus (and stop chrono into main nexus now as you will have 16 on minerals, all chrono from now on is into 2nd nexus)

25 Cyber core + start zealot for wall off
**31 supply Chrono Nexus
32 Pylon

As soon as Cyber core completes - Add Stargate and warpgate research 

**35/36 Chrono Nexus (Last chrono for nexus)

Add sentry with next 100gas (gas resets to 0 now)

40 Double gas on natural (Before stargate completes)
40 Pylon
42 Phoenix **Chrono and continue to chrono all 4 Phoenix out
42 Pylon

46 / 6min40sec Robo (Its your next 100gas after that Phoenix + now you are mining 4gases btw)

52 supply / 7min5sec~ Squeeze +1 attack in while keeping pheonix production constant 

With your Phoenix at this point, you want to start killing overlords around your base, there should always be 2 close, make sure to kill to deny scouting information of your followup.

52 supply / 7min15sec - STOP probe production, you are at 44 probes, 16x2=32 minerals and 6x2=12 gas = 44.

52 supply / 7min 15sec - 2 pylons

At this point as you stop building probes your minerals will start to rise fast, this is normal, prepare to add your gateways and to start immortal production

54 supply / 7min 45secs - Add 3gateways and start your first immortal

As you start your first immortal, all your chrono now goes into the Robo and you stop on your phoenixs as you should almost be at 4.

64 supply / 8min 25sec - Add 4 more gateways (total is now 8)

Here you are almost ready to go, make sure to chrono out your 3immortals and then of course the warp prism to follow them. With your gateways starting to finish up, empty all of your gas into sentries and left over minerals into zealots. (Make sure to add on pylons while building up)

10minute mark / 90 supply - TIME TO GO 

You should have hopefully - 4phoenix left over

**Warp prism in production but waypointed to your army

Now, close your main base up with a pylon. Stats didn’t bring a probe to fight with, he only used his warp prism so BE CAREFUL not to lose it. He warps in 2final sentries to follow just behind for total of 10 and then waits until just off creep for next warpin.

Next warpin is 8stalkers and from this point, add what ever you feel best to help in the fight.



WCS: EU Premier League ro16 Day4

Group D

Last Terran standing … again! MMA is the only Terran to remain inside the World Championship Series Europe with ForGG getting eliminated last night by Nerchio. This is the last group of the Ro16 before we have our players set for the Quarter Finals which get played out next weekend.

Starbuck is the youngest player that we have in the World Championship Series coming in at only 16 has really started to make a name for himself over the last few months with his 2-0 over Grubby and 2-1 over Lucifron in the ro32, how can he perform tonight? He enters a group with the regining champion of the WCS EU, MothertruckingMMA and a scary Russian, Titan. This is going to be good a one.


Finally, I am super excited for MMAs games tonight, after so long down in the dumps we have a player who has reached two semi finals over the last couple of months! I managed to catch him briefly last night and the first question I asked is how is he feeling and his how is his condition, he smiled at me and said great, hes feeling really good. 

Remember that not only is this important for MMA in his search for a win but he is VERY close to being in the top 16 seeding for Blizzcon, a win tonight helps his cause, if he finds another Season Finals here… then he could be going back to a beautiful place, an arena full of happy memories of his glorious 4-1 victory over Mvp.

His first game of the night is against Starbuck, who has displayed his ability to use weird aggressive strategies for some fast wins and as we remember the ro32, the last game from the Lucifron vs Starbuck series, he showed us he can play the game long, fighting up until he gets 3/3 upgrades and Ultralisks. The big problem with Starbuck is his experience, basically, he has none. MMA will clearly know Starbuck is going to be aiming for a cheap win somewhere in their series, Team Acer have a good setup with Cella helping out the players with giving information on their opponents and I am sure MMA will be playing very defensively tonight to start things off.

If MMA doesn’t advance tonight ?!?!?! ………………………. ???


An interesting story for Titan, if you didn’t watch the ro32, in the winners interview we had with him he said something along these lines:

"If I didn’t qualify for the the ro16 I was going to take a step back from playing StarCraft, play it as a hobby rather than my job"

This is MASSIVE!! I 100% understand the reasoning behind it for Titan as well. For a long time, before WCS even went live with Season 1, Titan was practicing 10hours a day, going to the gym, eating good and working his ASS off to be one of the best. In Season 1 he failed to advance from the Ro32 and this is obviously very demoralizing when you are working very hard. In Season 2, when he advanced from the ro32, in the winners interview then, he was so happy, that his hard work had paid off and he got the chance to play in Cologne for the ro16. He almost advanced into the ro8 if it wasn’t for just one mistake against MC losing him the final map of the series going 1-2 and being eliminated. So coming into Season 3 and failing in the ro32… Makes sense now?

He enters this group with a very difficult task to advance, playing against Duckdeok in his first game of the evening, a player who won his championship in WCS on PvP games pretty much. Though Duckdeok has since became a little bit predictable in his play style, Naniwa was able to finally understand how to beat him and showed that in the Season 2 finals. Has Titan prepared in a similar manner? Has Duckdeok changed up since the last time we saw him?

Titan vs MMA is going to be very difficult of course, I am not sure about his game against Starbuck if they were to meet, Starbuck is a terror against Protoss but I question his performance due to lack of experience playing offline. Good luck Comrade.


If history was to repeat itself, the reigning champion is meant to lose tonight, as our first champion Mvp was eliminated by my co-caster this evening, Grubby, in the ro16.

We haven’t seen any activity from Duckdeok outside of the WCS, his last offline games were in the Season 2 Finals over a month ago. He did however beat up on TLO in the ro32, once again only just advancing out of his group to make it to where he shined last season.

His first game tonight will be against Titan, I feel this game can go anyway, even though Duckdeok probably is the stronger player, he has been more exposed than Titan, lots of information on how duckdeok likes to play PvP will give Titan help and even up the series. Lets say Duckdeok loses vs Titan and has to play MMA or Starbuck and if Starbuck can perform and deliver with his very strong ZvP… there is a chance that we do lose our reigning champion, what a scary thought.

As a champion there is no room to bath in ones glory as you are the one wearing the target.


Well well well, congratulations Starbuck on making it into the Premier league. Fantastic performances in the ro32 beating Grubby and winning the rematch vs Lucifron, he gained a lot of fans over the last few weeks and is in a position to win even more tonight if the Slovenian dream comes true.

I have to mention it again, coming into this tournament at only 16 years old, he will go FACE TO FACE with a StarCraft legend, MMA. I hope he approaches this group like StarTale Life would, not give a $£%!. Most of us reading this have all been 16 years old, at this point in your life you simply don’t need to worry about things an older person would, making a living, finding a girlfriend, work etc.etc. Hopefully all that is going through Starbucks head is pink unicorns, rainbows and how to play SC2.

He will face up first tonight against MMA, a player who will try to make Starbuck dizzy with drops, move him out of position and simply out play him. I think we are all expecting something crazy coming out from Starbuck, but what is it? Roach baneling allin? Speed roach, speed baneling? Normal games? What is it?? That’s the big question coming in tonight’s game against MMA.

Against Protoss, he said he is confident to face anybody and is eager to play that matchup, so lets hope he delivers! 

A difficult night for the youngster but this is where heroes and legends begin, this could be your time.


WCS: EU Premier League ro16 Day3

Group C

Time for a Terran to move into the ro8? Every group this season has been close and difficult to be able to predict who will advance through easily, especially because the World Championship Series in Europe so far has been full of upsets and surprising results but ill give it a go!

I look at todays group with one clear favourite in mind, ForGG. I feel the 2nd place might go over to Nerchio who has really been putting results back out there again, which then leaves us with Showtime and Genius. I think Genius is a complete wildcard wildman, I have no idea what to expect from him tonight lol - I don’t think you can argue that Showtime is the underdog in this group, the 19year old from Germany has a some big shoes to fill - TLO from Season 1 and Hasuobs in Season 2.


Its ForGGeddon time. He is back in the offline section of the WCS EU Premier league! Lets just remind our-selves how good he was in Season 1 finishing top 4 losing out to Stephano in the semi finals. On top of that he smashed his group in the Season 1 finals, wooo weeee! 2-0 Her0 and 2-1 sOs before losing in the quarter finals to Mvp (Who almost beat Innovation who won it all!!!).

Unfortunately he had delays on his visa arriving in time to make it back to France to play in Europe for Season 2 and he got latency busted and couldn’t make it into the round of 16. Anyway he is back playing tonight and I feel he is definitely the favourite to move on unless something is terribly wrong with his condition. Nobody is invulnerable in the WCS though, maybe Genius surprises us with something crazy? Maybe Showtime beats another top tier Korean Terran or does the rivalry and history between ForGG and Nerchio come to shine tonight and something wild happens?

No matter what, if ForGG doesn’t advance - I can’t help but feel something is wrong.


Genius…. Blizzcon champion 2010, one of the most consistent Protoss in the GSL during 2011, GSL finalist in 2012, a nobody in 2013.. 

We saw him briefly a couple of months back in GSTL where he just randomly came out and starting beating StarTale with his insane builds. Honestly though what has he done this year? Nothing yet. He worked his way though challenger league qualifier and challenger league itself and then found his way advancing through the Premier League ro32, he worked with the latency issue and finds himself in prime position to show us what he has to show. Remember duckdeok last season? Only just advanced through the ro32 and managed to win the entire thing??

His first game this evening will be against Nerchio, I don’t know what to think, I have no expectations from Genius either and am eager to see what he is going to show us and how he will attempt to topple the Polish Zerg.


The guy that basically won everything a part from the title as #1 Zerg outside Korea. Nerchio has had a quiet year compared to his 2011/2012 but he is finally giving us performances that, well for me, push right back up top 3 Zerg EU again. With a strong performance this season, maybe he can finally take what was never his with Stephano retiring?

Even though he got stung by Titans confusing playstyle in the ro32 he made a swift turn around by beating Shuttle and Hasuobs 2-0 2-0. I think Nerchio is going to show some very good games tonight and I promise you we will see mutaliks ^^ His first game this evening is against Genius, I think this can be a little difficult simply because nobody knows what to expect from Genius and he can certainly confuse Nerchio like Titan seemed to do previously.

Even though I think Nerchio should advance from his group, crazy things can happen in this group, what happens if Nerchio messes up against Genius and somehow, Showtime beats ForGG? Nerchio would need to play against his rival in the lower bracket ahhhhh.


Its no longer Sjowtime, its Showtime!!!!

Lets talk a little bit about Showtime first, he’s has basically been a top GM player for a long time, every single professional player knows this and respects his play. Its just that he has never been in the public spotlight which gives him such the unknown underdog image.

He enters the Ro16 as the only German representative left, as mentioned in the opening paragraph he has some rather large German shoes to fill. TLO made it to the Season 1 Finals and Hasuobs finished Top 8 last Season. With being handle to last longer than 15minutes against Mvp who was struggling with latency issues, he has already started his season strong!!

He needs to repeat that success tonight because his first game is going to be against ForGG and its not going to be easy at all. I feel this group is going to be very hard for him to advance from simply because if he doesn’t beat ForGG he would play for this tournament life against Nerchio which is going to be very hard, or Genius an unpredictable Korean in a Protoss mirror, THE GAME VS FORGG IS SO IMPORTANT!!!

Tonight really is the time to shine, if he advances from this group, then lets all go out and get drunk and celebrate Germanys success in the beautiful city of Cologne!


WCS: EU Premier League ro16 Day2

Group B

What a group!!!! This group is incredible, one of the strongest and most interesting groups we have had in the ro16 across all seasons. I am very excited, I dreamt about different possible outcomes that we could see, who beats who, who finishes where and it was such a riddle. There is so much history between all the players, playing against each other in WCS already in previous seasons, even history that goes back into Wings of Liberty, anybody remember MC vs Thorzain in TSL3?? You CANNOT miss this group tonight.


I feel Vortix has a lot of enemies in this group, I am quite sure everybody is going to be gunning for him. I think he is a favourite to advance from this group into the ro8 despite his results maybe misleading you, he is playing remarkable, over the month he has looked incredible and solid across all 3 matchups. 

The first game of the evening for Vortix will be against Babyknight. As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of history with Vortix and todays group - If you followed WCS Europe closely, you should be able to remember a nail biting series in Season 1 ro16 between Vortix and Babyknight to determine who moved into the ro8 or who was knocked out - Incredible series and I am 100% sure Vortix remembers this better than anybody and he could really put Babyknight in a difficult position if he was to able to beast him in the first game of the night. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Another season, another ro16, another reason for revenge. Vortix played against MC in Season 2s ro16 and beat him 2-0, we all know MC will also remember this and will want some revenge of his own, this matchup is highly likely to happen.. I wonder who wins this time?


Jang Min Chul, a name every StarCraft fan should know. The highest earning StarCraft 2 professional player EVER! Currently sitting at about $389,000 in prize money and with a top 2 finish during this season would break $400,000! Incredible!! Rich baller!!

After some threats being eliminated already, MC surely must be one of the big favourites to win this entire tournament, up with there ForGG and MMA - I would be very surprised if the BossToss didn’t make it out of this group - He has a less focused version of Thorzain to play against first tonight, who according to his twitter is finding it hard to balance practice with study being back in school again. I remember in the ro32 during the winners interview, I asked MC if players like MMA or ForGG scared him and he simply replied along the lines of “Terran is easy for me”, is this MCs cocky attitude or truth? Either way, Thorzain gets the brunt of it tonight.

I think MC has his eyes on this outcome for this evening:

2-0 Thorzain and the revenge match vs Vortix hoping that he beats Babyknight.

MC a clear favourite to do well tonight, we are expecting big things from the ObamaToss who fell short to Duckdeok in the Grand Final last season, unfortunately letting his aggressive nature once again be his downfall when choosing to cheese which failed, instead of playing a normal game in the deciding game.


Swedens last hope for a successful season is right here and he finds himself in the hardest group of them all with the hardest player to go up against first… MC….. Thorzain also on top of that enters a group where he has lost vs every player during  important parts of his playing career. 

He has played against MC so many a time in his past, TSL3, MLG tournaments and others with a overall losing record 2-5 in series. Even though he hasn’t played against Vortix in Heart of the Swarm yet, his record in Wings of Liberty was 0-4 and then to top it all off he lost vs Babyknight in the ro32 in Season 2 WCS EU.

Even though stats are against him and he probably knows this is going to be a very difficult group, sometimes this can relieve some pressure going into battle - I hope Thorzain can do well tonight its just going to be very difficult, especially when your first game is against a player who is only looking at winning the entire tournament. Is Targa the real King in the North???


The legend killer is back (lol) ! - After a great Season 1 for him finishing top 8 when not to many people expected him to do that he is back in the ro16 again after failing to leave the ro32 in Season 2. This time he will make his offline debut playing for Millenium, clearly hoping to do his new team proud and impress.

His first game tonight will be against Vortix, a very difficult first game but one important factor to remember is that he has known he will play against Vortix for a while now. What strategies has he been working on to pick up another victory against the Spaniard. 

I usually look at the first game a player plays and think its very important to win it but for Babyknight, I dont get this feeling weirdly. I look at the group and think Babyknight might lose vs Vortix, I feel Thorzain will lose vs MC which leaves us with a Babyknight Thorzain game id feel would go to Babyknight and then the final match between Babyknight and MC/Vortix which I think isnt disgustingly bad Babyknight.. Still with me?!! ^^ - I think he would learn from his loses again vs Vortix and well PvP anything can happen…

Difficult to call where I think Babyknight will finish as I feel this group looks like an MC/Vortix group? Anything can happen though, its StarCraft after all and these brains playing tonight will figure a way to survive in the World Championship Series.