WCS: EU Premier League ro16 Day1

Group A

Let me just start out by saying, this is one of the hardest groups to predict correctly who will advance in top 2, I feel all matchups are very very close and it will really come down to, who plays better TONIGHT, not who is the better player overall. Any 2 can advance from tonights group.


Happy is again playing in the WCS ro16 for the 3rd time in a row, in Season 1 he was able to get top 8, almost making it to the Season 1 finals but fell short against Dimaga in the Quarter Finals in a match he was tbh meant to win and then he lost vs TLO in the play off for his 2nd chance at qualification for Season 1 Finals. Season 2 he got destroyed by an returning MMA, he lost 0-2 in the starting match and again 0-2 in the decider match.

His return today for me feels a little less hyped than usual, a lot of the other seasons, other players, fans and casters really expected him to blow it out the water with his consistent online finishes and tbh domination. Today is different.

I think he has a strong chance to make it out the group none the less, his first game is against Targa, despite Targas very good record against Terrans, I feel if Happy can bring his A game, he should be able to beat Targa and then the winners match against either Welmu or Stardust, Welmu being the easier player for him, with his very solid 1barracks expansion and defend against any attack style, I can see him moving out this group. 

It really comes down to his first game of the evening, if he wins against Targa, he can move out AT LEAST top 2, with a loss and a poor performance against Zerg… then I am a little worried.


Starts off tonight on his strong foot, playing a Protoss vs Protoss is always well Welmu has shined and made a much bigger name for himself over the last couple of months. He showed excellent PvP last season, his first season in Premier league keep in mind after having to qualify for Challenger and play in Challenger in Season 1.

He did however lose 3 PvPs in a row towards the end of last season but can you blaim him? He lost vs MC to keep him away from top 4 but I feel this came down to nerves more than anything, he didn’t play his best. Then he went onto the Season 2 finals, shocking many, as they didn’t expect him to play there. He played the other two PvP games, vs MC and vs Rain, BARELY losing to both, 1-2 1-2. I know for a fact, he learnt a lot from that tournament and will be eager to kick things off tonight strong.

I do however really worry about his PvT against Happy, unless Welmu has something planned to beat out Happy this is going to be his hardest match tonight I feel, Happy is incredibly solid and on form I would favour him. 

Again, I feel its very hard to call how well Welmu does tonight, Stardust can for sure surprise him despite his knowledge of PvP.


First of all, welcome to the EU premier league! He was absent from Season 1 completely worldwide, but really did smash his way into Premier just like he did winning Dreamhack Summer tbh haha. He went through everybody very fast in Challenger qualification and in Challenger itself. He did however show a little weakness against Kas but I think we can all clear that from his name because in the rematch he won 2-0 quite easily.

I am not sure of his PvP capabilities, I know he is strong but strong enough to beat Welmu?? Overall, I think he will do well against Happy and can beat Targa with his cheesy playstyle but from the games I have seen, including Targa vs Naniwa on Bel-Shir, Targa is very good at playing against immortal allin and generally cheesy play. Stardust must be a favourite to advance from this group right??


For me, the underdog of this group, I know his ZvT is really strong and will start him off well tonight and his ZvP is very good defensively from what I have seen. Does he have what it takes though to beat the lineup we have? Dreamhack Champion, Season 1 Top 8, and Season 2 EU representative… Its a tall order to advance into the top 8 tonight. 

Because his ZvT is his strongest matchup, his first game against Happy is very very important for him to advance, he needs this win to make things a lot easier for himself. Otherwise having to play the loser match and final match against these 3 players, any of the 3… could become difficult. 

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